Aegir – THE AWAKENING 2021

Album cover Mariusz Lemański Aegir- "Das Erwachen"

A solo music project that appears regularly in the form of music videos on the creator’s yt channel.

The list of songs presented to a wider audience was opened in 2017 by Etude of the Lost Asylum, the warmly received Autumn Girl and the atmospheric track Mark Of The Time.

For those who like stronger sounds, the album includes the song Just Fly away! The song The Awakening, from which the whole album was named, was released in January 2021. The latest Video Run for Glory and Falling Star.

Przemek Drewkowski NEW TIME 2018

Cover Przemek Drewkowski NEW TIME 2018

Przemek Drewkowski’s debut album contains mostly instrumental works.

Guest guitar solo (second in a row) on the song Fusion for Him.

A typical rock album with a slight addition of fusion and funky style.

Factor 8 – THE VALKYRIES 2016

Album cover Faktor 8 - Die Walküren

In 2016, the debut album of the band The Valkyries was released, well received by critics. Promoting the material from the album, the band presented themselves on stage alongside such artists as: Turbo, KAT & Roman Kostrzewski, Vader, Non Iron, IRA, Kaliber 44, Organek, Mrozu, Cugowski and others.

On the album, metal and rock songs, accompanied by melodic guitar playing.

Music and guitars Mariusz Lemański.

  1. Sad But True
  2. Bad Reputation
  3. Wild Thing
  4. Satisfaction
  5. Another Brick in the Wall
  6. Proud Mary
  7. Highway to Hell
  8. 2 Minutes to Midnight
  9. Ace of Spades
  10. Master of Puppets

Essece of life – EVILENCE 2014

Essenz des Lebens durch das BÖSE

Plate of the Bydgoszcz formation.

There are songs here:


2.Edge of Life

3.Human Hypocrisy

4.Break The Silence

5.Beyond Space


7.Phenomenon of Organized Violent Conflict

8.H.O.M.E (Hour Of Mother Earth)

9.Through the Looking Glass

10.The New World Order (guest solo)


ALBUM COVER FACTOR 8 - Außerhalb der Reichweite

The first EP of the band Factor 8 containing strong sounds.

The group debuted on the stage of the Riff Estrada Festival in Bydgoszcz in 2010. The band won the audience award with its phenomenal performance there.

Composition and guitars mariusz Lemański.

Instrumatic von Career Office 2009

Instrumentally rich project. At the time of the album’s release, the band had been functioning for four years.

The tracks were initially kept in the atmosphere of alternative rock, and finally returned to the classics.

Waking up the Dead Band X 2016

CD from “Musick Magazine #16” (3/2016).

1 Dark Side- My Epitaph

2 Extinkt- Cancer Villages

3 Hoax Of Upsala – Torn Apart

4 Cowshed – Wrong

5 Beyond The Infinity– Lake Fallen Engel

6 Immortal Dreams – Mommy

7 Obsidian Mantra – Ghost

8 Snake Eyes– Wounds Without Blood

9 Horn Impaler– Desanctified By Sacrum

10 Frenatron – Cartographer Of Hell

11 Faktor 8 – CircleOf Death

12 Raincoat– Kara